TWD: Espresso Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie is Espresso Chocolate Shortbread Cookies, chosen by Donna of Life’s Too Short Not to Eat Dessert First.

I had a lot of fun making this one, and even more so than usual because it’s got three of my favorite things – shortbread, chocolate, and coffee flavor!

It also involved a fun technique:

The dough had to be placed into a zip-top bag so it could be easily rolled out into an even sheet. I love this method and have used it before, and it’s nice to not have to mess around with extra flour on a sticky rolling pin.

I can never find instant espresso powder at the grocery store so I went with my usual standby of instant coffee crystals instead, which worked well.

Since it calls for just a tablespoon of instant coffee with a tablespoon of boiling water, it really only serves the purpose of adding flavor. I mention this because the kids loved the cookies, and I wouldn’t want any panties getting in a twist over them consuming coffee products

I also opted for using mini chocolate chips because I forgot to pick up a bar of bittersweet at the store, and they worked well.

Mike and I really enjoyed them too!

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