Homemade Oreo Ice Cream

Homemade Oreo Ice Cream

In honor of Father’s Day I’m posting my husband’s favorite homemade treat — Oreo ice cream! If I go too long without making a fresh batch, I’ll start getting puppy eyes from him, so I make sure I have heavy cream and Egg Beaters on my shopping lists.

Truth be told, I like to make my own ice cream anyway because I like to know what’s going into it and by how much. I also like to stick with a pretty simple recipe — just eggs, sugar, cream and milk.

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Make Your Own Oreos

I came across an article last year (it’s since been taken offline) that outlines the steps to make your own Oreo cookies. When I originally posted it it got a great response, so I’m pulling it over here.

Don’t let the ingredients list or length of instructions intimidate you – they’re actually pretty easy to make. Check it out after the cut: Read More