5 Things to do With Flour


Did you know there are things you can do with flour that don’t involve baking or cooking? Woman’s Day magazine recently ran a short article about five unorthodox uses for white flour. I’d never heard of the first three, though I think a lot of moms have definitely done the last two! Other than baking and cooking, what else have you used flour for?

1. Clean a deck of playing cards. Simply place a cup or so of flour into a large zip-top bag with a deck or dingy playing cards and shake for a minute. Remove the cards from the bag and shuffle over the garbage can to shake off the excess flour.

2. Unstick a pesky lid. If you’ve got a plastic screw-on lid that gives you a tough time whenever you try to open it, dip the edge of the container in some flour before screwing the lid back on.

3. Clean white fabrics. Apparently rubbing just a bit of flour into the dirt lines on white canvas, leather, faux leather, vinyl and curtains will scrub out the dirt that gets into textured materials. Simply brush the flour off when you’re done.

4. Make your own craft glue. By mixing and bringing to a boil 1 part flour with 3 parts of water, you can create your own paste that’s perfectly safe for kids of any age to use. Store unused glue in an airtight container in the fridge.

5. Make play dough. I think every mom knows this one! Mix together 1 cup of water, 3 cups of flour and 1 tsp of vegetable oil for a non-toxic toy that kids will play with for hours. Add food coloring to kick things up. Store in plastic wrap in the fridge.

[image: flickr]