Cottage Cheese Pufflets


This week’s Tuesdays With Dorie bake-along was very intriguing. My first thought when I saw that it was called “Cottage Cheese Pufflets” was that these were going to be some kind of biscuit or roll. It wasn’t until I actually pulled the cook book down to write down the ingredients for my shopping list that I saw that they’re actually cookies!


I normally love working with pastry dough, but as the comments in the post for this recipe shows, the dough for these was a nightmare. Even after making sure it was completely chilled it was still pretty sticky, and I was afraid I might have overworked it. I really don’t know though because while they weren’t as puffy as I imagined, they did puff up a bit. Looking at the pictures from the others who made them, I think I’m pretty safe!


I had some apricot preserves in the pantry so I decided to use that for the filling. Once they had cooled a bit and I had a bite, I decided it needed just a bit more sweetness, so I made a quick glaze and put a drop of almond extract in it. What was a not-too-sweet fruity little pastry totally popped, and the almond and apricot go together very well.