Easy Homemade Iced Coffee

Easy Homemade Iced Coffee

Even though I know it’s coming every year, our summer temperatures always seem to sneak up on me. This year we were a little more spoiled than usual since our spring lasted past April, going right into the beginning of June (though that’s relative: I consider pretty much anything under 90 degrees to still be “spring” weather).

Yesterday we hit our first substantial three-digit temp of 106 degrees, and despite wanting to cower in a dark, cool corner somewhere, my eyes instead misted over with the anticipation of my favorite summer treat: iced coffee.

Between coordinating my daughters’ daily chores and getting dinner ready in the crockpot (keeping the kitchen bearable, you know), I whipped up a batch of cold-brewed coffee, which I’ve found works the best for iced coffee (no melted ice cubes). However, instead of using my little French press, I opt for a pitcher and half a pound of ground coffee. Just mix the half pound of coffee with about eight cups of cold water, cover, and let it sit on the counter overnight. Strain it into a clean pitcher the next morning and keep it in the fridge. That’s it!

To make the iced coffee, put a few ice cubes in a glass and then fill about 2/3 full with the cold coffee. Top with milk and sugar or whatever other sweetener you want, including flavored syrups or chocolate syrup. I will admit that while I’m a Starbucks fan (not hardcore, but it’s a nice treat), this beats a $4 iced latte any day!

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