EarthTainer Update #3

Wow, what a difference two weeks has made! The last time I updated, the tomato plants in our EarthTainer were maybe ten inches tall.

In just two weeks, they’ve grown about two feet and we barely managed to get cages up around them before they got too big. They’re filling out like crazy, too, and the main stalks are nice and thick.

We had some warmer days last week, getting up to about 85 or so, but then the wind blew in over the weekend and brought the mid-60s back with it. They don’t seem to be affected at all, and the Sweet 100s continues to kick out blossoms. The beefsteak is taking its sweet time, but looks great otherwise.

I’m trying to talk Mike into getting started on a couple more containers. We wanted to wait and see how the tomatoes did first, but by the time they fruit I’m afraid it’ll be too late to get anything else going, especially with our heat.

What are you planting this year?

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