Cupboard Magnet Recipe Holder

Cupboard Magnet Recipe Holder

One of my bigger annoyances in the kitchen is my recipes getting messed up because I have nowhere to put them while I’m cooking. I usually just lay them on the counter, and they end up covered or splattered in whatever it is I’m trying to make. Yuck.

I came up with this idea after working on a particularly involved recipe that required a ton of ingredients which ended up burying the recipe itself, making it difficult to keep track of.

I needed to get the recipe up and out of the way, and though my original idea was to just Scotch tape it to the cupboard, I knew I had to come up with something a little less wasteful and a little more permanent.

Enter the magnet!

Cupboard Magnet Recipe Holder

I used some regular packing tape (Scotch tape wasn’t strong enough) to stick a fairly powerful magnet to the inside of the cupboard door. You’re going to need a magnet that can shoot its magical magnet vibes through the thickness of your door, so you might need to experiment with what you’ve got.

I used packing tape because it’ll keep the magnet in place but I didn’t want to damage the door with anything too permanent like glue (the tape comes right off when I need it to).

Cupboard Magnet Recipe Holder

You’ll need a second magnet for the outside of the door to hold the recipe up. I got these cute push pin magnets from Think Geek.

Cupboard Magnet Recipe Holder

When the magnet isn’t in use holding up a recipe, simply stick it on the magnet inside the cupboard, close the door, and no one’s the wiser.

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