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TWD: Hazelnut Biscotti

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie is Hazelnut Biscotti, and is hosted by Jodi and Katrina.

Now… I know this is probably sacrilege, but I hate hazelnuts. I don’t even like Nutella. I know, I’m a horrible person, right?

So instead of hazelnuts in my biscotti I decided to use sliced almonds. I also didn’t want to spend the money on Frangelico or brandy for just two teaspoons, so I just used a teaspoon of almond extract and a teaspoon of water to keep the liquid content consistent.

I also added about 1/4 cup of white chocolate chips and 1/4 cup of milk chocolate chips because why not?

I usually find biscotti to be pretty bland, even when dipped in coffee or milk. And I obviously can’t speak to how the hazelnuts or Frangelico may have actually tasted, but once this is dipped into warm coffee, the almond flavors just explode. It was really delicious.

The kids also think they’re pretty fantastic in milk. Keeper!


TWD: French Strawberry Cake

This week’s Tuesdays With Dorie is French Strawberry Cake, hosted by Sophia and Allison.

I’ll be honest, I was a little wary about this one. I was happy because strawberries! But it’s got a lot of steps, some of them fiddly, and though the information with the recipe says that French chefs makes these over and over again to become comfortable with it, this was my first time and I was definitely not comfortable with it.

Case in point: I totally forgot the butter step. I had the two tablespoons of butter melted in a bowl, sitting on the counter waiting for me while I did the rest of the cake. And I completely forgot it. I thought I was doing so well, too.

But aside from it being a bit on the drier side (and to be honest, I’m going to keep using my angel food cake recipe), it was good and no one would have guessed it was missing anything. And as you can see, I didn’t manage to cut the cake into three layers, either. I got the top part off okay, but when I went to saw into the rest of it it just wasn’t having any of that (even though I had frozen it as others had suggested). So I shrugged and said, eh, good enough. I just loaded up the strawberries in one layer and of course that didn’t affect the taste. Oh, and I couldn’t get the strawberries to mash so I just piled them on.

I couldn’t find my couplers for my piping tips (where are they???) so I just squeezed the whipped cream out of a hole clipped in the corner of a plastic baggie to keep things fancy. And I did too many dollops on top and had to improvise with the five strawberries I had set aside.

Also, this was the best whipped cream I’ve ever had and I will now be using it for everything.

And I don’t like the tops of strawberries to still be on top of the strawberries when they’re used for decoration. It looks gross to me, so they had to go.

Otherwise, exactly like the recipe! 🙂


TWD: Oasis Naan

This week’s Tuesdays With Dorie assignment was Oasis Naan and is hosted by Maggie and Phyl.

I’ve made naan on my own before and really enjoyed the process, so I was looking forward to this one. The directions said to pretty much do the whole thing by hand but let’s be honest, I’m too lazy for that. My faithful mixer did the bulk of the work for me and I got a really beautiful dough out of it.

It was also supposed to take about two hours to double in size while rising, but mine went nuts and within an hour it was ready to go. In fact, I had set a timer for two hours to give myself some kind of timeline, and by the time the timer went off (I forgot to unset it), the naan was all out of the oven and cooling already.

As you can see, I didn’t add any chopped green onions to the tops of mine, though I would have really liked to. I actually bought the onions to split between this recipe and my Korean short ribs, but when I made the short ribs I completely spaced and used the whole bunch, forgetting that I was going to have it pull double duty. Oh well.

I used the tines of a fork to do the docking, but they still got a good bit of rise in the oven. The tops are sprinkled with kosher salt and cumin, which is a really amazing combination that I would have never thought to sprinkle over bread like this. I like any project that allows me to use my pizza stone, and the girls got a kick out being the dough droppers (carefully supervised, of course).

I served these with dinner last night, which was ham and white beans, and you would not believe the reception it got. Dinner got a gold star from everyone.