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Wordless Wednesday: The Perfect Evening Snack

These posts aren’t so wordless, huh?

Anyway, this is one of my most favorite evening snacks. Popcorn made with coconut oil and seasoned with sea salt. Heaven in a bowl.

What’s your favorite snack?


Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Last Sunday the family and I vegged out in front of the TV to a couple football games. We are not a football family by any means, and truth be told we rarely watch it, but this time my husband’s favorite team was in the playoffs, and I wanted to make a big deal out of it (because I can). Read More


Fried Pickle Chips

Fried Pickle Chips

Fried pickles. A year ago I might have given you a face like this at the thought, but then we actually tried them and I looked like this.

They were good, but the restaurant gave us a whopping 12 pickle chips to split between the five of us, which wasn’t so good. (I’m looking at you, Buffalo Wild Wings.)

Anyway, I knew I could easily find a recipe for them online so the next time I went grocery shopping I picked up a jar. And it’s sat in the pantry for months because knowing I can do something sadly doesn’t trump being lazy.

This weekend Mike and the girls have been glued to one football game or another, so I was able to sneak into the kitchen this afternoon and tackle something of my own. (Sorry.) Read More