Welcome to Heather’s Bytes! I’m Heather (if you didn’t already catch that), a married, 30-something mom to three beautiful daughters in Las Vegas, NV.

I’ve been writing online since 1998 (when they were called online journals) and putting my recipes online in some form or another since 2001. I finally got my act together in 2009 to get them all in one place.

The majority of recipes I write about have been collected over many years, though over the last little while I’ve enjoyed sharing the ones I’ve found more recently. They make me, my husband and our kids happy, and I’m not one of those people who believes in keeping recipes a secret — share the love, you know?


If you’ve done a search and landed here while looking for Chocolate Bytes, Foodie Obsessed/Blisstree Recipes, you’re at the right place. I’m glad you found me again!