TWD: Thumbprints for Us Big Guys

It was a mistake to make these cookies. It was an even bigger mistake to make these cookies when no one else was home.

But it’s okay, because even though no one’s here to hold me accountable (“Mom, you had a cookie! Can I have one too?”) I’m making myself be very, very good. But I still won’t tell you how many I’ve had.

Anyway, making these cookies for this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie was a last minute decision. I love the TWD project and didn’t want to be kicked out because I haven’t participated as often as I should be. So, after double checking this week’s recipe (which was chosen and is hosted by Ugly Dude Food), I determined that even though I didn’t have the called-for ground hazelnuts (which I don’t like anyway) or raspberry jam, I could make do.

In place of the hazelnuts I ground my own walnuts and used strawberry jam. And, once again, my beloved almond extract made an appearance, which made me very happy.

My dough, like many others have noted, was also pretty dry and crumbly. I added about a tablespoon of milk during the mixing process which really helped hold things together. I also refrigerated the dough for about an hour before I rolled out the first batch, and put it back in the fridge while each batch was in the oven.

And even though I mixed the dough a heck of a lot more than just to get the ingredients combined, the cookies still turned out very light and shortbread-y, so keep in mind that it’s pretty forgiving even if you have to beat it into submission.

Let’s get on with some pictures:

The cookies baked up to the point that the indentations I made in them before baking were pretty much gone by the time they came out of the oven. I remedied this problem with the bottom of one of my cute shot glasses. And while I’m sure it’s going to disappoint some to know that we even own shot glasses, you can rest assured that we are not raging alcoholics. Very often, anyway.

I swear my cookie sheet only fits seven. For real. There were not nine cookies here.

My cute, tiny little melting pot that I used to heat up the jam. I love this little pot. It’s one of the cutest things in the kitchen when the kids aren’t home.

I’m going to keep an eye out for either hazelnuts or ground hazelnuts the next time I go to the store, and I might pick up a jar of raspberry jam as well. Even though this batch turned out really well with my substitutions, I always like to try a recipe how it’s written, and I’ll be sure to update.

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