Tuesdays With Dorie: Brownie Buttons

I’m participating in Tuesdays With Dorie, and this week’s project is Dorie’s Brownie Buttons from her book Baking. The recipe can be found at Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen.

The brownies turned out well, but my biggest obstacle was that I didn’t have any of the bittersweet chocolate that the recipe calls for. I ended up using unsweetened chocolate instead, and tried to compensate by adding about two extra tablespoons of sugar to the mix. Though the brownies turned out a little dry, they tasted great, and the kids loved them!

The first step was combing chocolate, butter and brown sugar over a double-boiler to get everything melted and combined.


Though the recipe didn’t call for it, I decided to add about half a cup of finely chopped walnuts. Mike isn’t crazy about brownies without walnuts, and I certainly don’t mind them!


Brownie batter never looks terribly appetizing in pictures, but what can you do?

My mini muffin tin has 24 spots, and I only needed 18. You fill them with about a tablespoon or so of the batter, and then the empty ones you put some water in. I’ve read somewhere that doing that doesn’t really affect things one way or another, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I also sprayed my tin with a little bit of Pam for baking.

Once the brownies were out of the oven I melted some Nestle white chocolate chips (the only white chocolate I can stand!) with about a teaspoon of vegetable shortening to keep it loose.

Each little brownie button was dipped into the white chocolate and voila! Cute, chocolatey brownie buttons!

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