Fixing Up Brownie Mix: Brownie Mix Cookies

Tonight is dessert night so I thought I’d find another way to mess around with a box of brownie mix. I found this recipe online (it’s in several places and I didn’t bookmark it, or I’d give credit) and while it’s simple enough it was hit or miss (I didn’t care for it but everyone else did). Read More


Save A Few Bucks in the Kitchen, Part 2

If you missed it, here’s Part 1 on how to save a few bucks in the kitchen. These are just some small tips and ideas that I use to stretch a few bucks when I buy and prepare meals and food for my family.

Add something cheap. I don’t mean cheap in quality, but something that’s just usually inexpensive. When we make homemade burritos, I used to have to use two pounds of ground beef to get a decent sized burrito for each of us, but I hated using so much meat for one meal. Now I use one of my “pounds” of ground beef with a packet of seasoning mix as usual, and then add in a can of refried beans, mix it together in the pan and heat through. The beans stretch out the meat perfectly for my family of five, and the seasoned meat seasons the beans as well. It’s perfect. Read More


Save A Few Bucks in the Kitchen, Part 1

Everyone has tips and ideas that they like to use and share on how to save money around the house. One of my favorite places to see if I can save a few bucks is in the kitchen. There are the old standbys, like using coupons or reusing disposable containers, and I’ve got a few that I’ve done for a few years that I’ve found help us out when times are lean.

Invest in a kitchen scale. We buy our ground beef and ground turkey in bulk, in packages of five or so pounds each. A kitchen scale lets me get exactly the amount I need when I separate the ground meats into bags to freeze, instead of just guessing or eyeballing. Which brings me to: Read More