Coffee Toffee Bars

I almost didn’t try these. I found them while perusing Tasty Kitchen (click for recipe) and though they sounded really good I doubted that I would have the stuff on hand for them (why do I always think that?). It was a really nice surprise to find that not only did I have the two somewhat non-standard ingredients (instant coffee and almond extract), I had everything else as well!

I decided to use mini chocolate chips on top instead of the regular-sized ones because I wanted more of an even distribution (read: more chocolate).

Oddly enough, the kids weren’t that crazy about them at first bite, and cited the almond extract as the reason why. I love almond extract (the smell takes me back to my childhood and some of my mom’s beauty products) and I make sure I always have some on hand (it’s excellent in sugar cookies). Anyway, as of this evening they seem to have gotten over it and asked for more as their after-school snack.

The bars have a have a shortbread-like texture, and the combination of coffee (which is very light) and the almond extract are divine (in my opinion).