EarthTainer Update #4

We have baby tomatoes! The Sweet 100s have been blooming for about two weeks now, and the blossoms are finally starting to drop off. They’re being replaced by the tiniest little green orbs.

The Beefsteaks are also starting to do their thing, and the girls love seeing the difference between the two plants. Where the Sweet 100s have small, delicate little blooms, the Beefsteaks are much bigger and seem to be more closely bunched.

Once again, in just two weeks you can see how much taller they’ve gotten. These plants are thriving, and the stalks on both of them are so much thicker than the plants we tried three years ago. The EarthTainer is doing an excellent job so far!

I’m hoping we’ll be able to get around to starting at least one more container this weekend. We definitely want to do zucchini, and I’d love to do red peppers and jalapenos (altogether that would be two additional containers), though it’ll depend on what the garden center has.