Easter Table Jar

Easter Table Decor

I’ve posted before about my new favorite holiday decoration, my “table jar.” It’s a large glass jar I picked up at Walmart for $4 along with a cheap candle. I fill it with something holiday- or season-specific each month and stick it on my dining table.

For Valentine’s Day I found some cute pink and white candy corn, and for St. Patrick’s Day this month I used split peas.

For Easter I didn’t strain my brain too much and just used some jellybeans.

Unfortunately, I used jellybeans that I love (Starburst, argh). I did look for cheap, off-brand jellybeans at the store, but Starburst was all I found.

This month’s decoration might involve an exercise in self-control.

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Valentine’s Day Candy Corn Table Decor

Valentine's Day Table Decor

I love the idea of easy DIY holiday decorations for around the house, and I like it even better when the materials you use are holiday appropriate! I wanted to think of something fun to do for Valentine’s Day, so we headed out over the weekend to see what we could find.

Valentine's Day Table Decor

I found these tubs of Valentine’s Day candy corn at Walmart for a few bucks each, as well as the glass container for $4. I got the candle at Michael’s for about $3.

I got two tubs of the corn which filled up the container perfectly. Also luckily for me, this brand of candy corn tastes nothing like the regular Brach’s candy corn that I love so dearly in the fall, so there’s no temptation to snack on the decor.