Chocolate Covered Bacon

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Last summer, when I was writing at Chocolate Bytes, I bit the bullet and made my own batch of chocolate covered bacon. It’s become a staple at county affairs across the US, and after reading yet another article about how much people are looking forward to trying it, I decided to whip up some of my own.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

It’s simple enough: I put regular sliced bacon (some people recommend thick slices, but I didn’t have it on hand — the thin worked out just as well) on my grill, melted some chocolate chips in the microwave (admittedly, I used plain old Nestle chips instead of my good Ghirardelli chips, just in case), and then laid the cooled bacon in the chocolate and spooned it over before setting it on parchment paper. That’s it.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

The kids were wary about what I was doing, especially when they saw the bacon come out of the fridge. One of my nine-year-olds got into the fun by helping me drain the bacon, and my eleven-year-old enjoyed stirring the chocolate chips when they’d come out of the microwave.

Now, we tried the Vosges bacon chocolate bar two summers ago and were not impressed (it was nasty). So, I was a little worried that I was wasting some perfectly good bacon and chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

The verdict? I’m glad I didn’t use the 60% Cacao chips from Ghirardelli, but not because they would have been wasted. The semi-sweet Nestle chips were perfect – not overpowering but still chocolaty, which let the salty bacon come through. I didn’t use “flavored” bacon – no apple smoked or maple or anything, just plain bacon.

The kids that were giving me the stink eye just minutes before when I told them what I was up to, were happily dipping their own little leftover pieces of bacon into the chocolate bowl as we waited for the “dipped” bacon to set up in the fridge.

Like I said, I thought I would end up disliking it as much as I disliked the candy bar from last year, but — and I’m a little ashamed to admit this — they were actually pretty darn good. I can’t see making these often, for obvious reasons, but it was a fun afternoon distraction and the kids got a kick out of how good the two completely different tastes went together, which would have been it worth it even if they didn’t turn out.

Have you tried chocolate covered bacon? What did you think?

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