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May Days

Geez, I can’t believe I’ve only got four posts for all of May! I probably mentioned in one of those posts that May is always crazy busy at my house. This year we decided to add to the madness and scheduled a trip to my home state of Utah for Memorial Day weekend.

The entire weekend ended up being cloudy and rainy (which I love and miss), but we managed to get a lot of outdoor activities in, including an amazing hike with the beautiful views you can see in the picture above.

We also got to hit IKEA (can you believe Las Vegas doesn’t have an IKEA?) and we ate at the cafe there. The food was good and I got to try lingonberries for the first time (they were good — I thought they tasted like cranberries!). I also loaded up on some Swedish chocolate because why not?

The next day we also stopped in at Hatch Family Chocolates in Salt Lake. The shop was the setting for a (sadly) short-lived reality show on TLC starring the owners of the shop (whom we got to meet when we last visited two years ago), and while the chocolate is a bit on the pricey side, it’s definitely worth it. In fact, it’s even better than See’s. Yes, I said it.

We worried about the tomatoes while we were gone. Thankfully, the weather took pity on us and stayed pretty mild, so there weren’t any water issues. The tomatoes in the bowl are a few of what we picked before we left, and the tomatoes on the plate were waiting for us when we got back.

As you can see, the sweet 100s are doing well, but the beefsteaks are having issues. We had two that we had to pick prematurely because they had developed blossom end rot. That link says that one of the causes is a calcium deficiency, but we’ve got calcium added to the soil, so we’re keeping a closer eye on maintaining the water supply.

And yesterday, the girls got to shuck their first ears of corn. Corn shucking is something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember, but my city girls haven’t had many opportunities. Naturally, they got a kick out of it.


It’s May What?

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted, but that’s partly because I can’t believe how fast the last week went by! May is always insanely busy, between our anniversary, the twins’ birthday, mother’s day, end-of-school stuff, and Mike’s travel.

However, the fun stuff started on Monday April 30th when our six-year-old water heater decided to spring a leak and we spent all day removing and replacing it. Then one of the twins needed a doctor’s appointment the next day, and then there were groceries, and then birthday celebrations, I finally got a waaaay overdue haircut, we had some of our favorite out-of-state family visit for a night and then we had the twins’ birthday lunch over the weekend.

When I sat down at the computer yesterday I swore I wasn’t going to move from the chair all day. But then I remembered all the stuff that’s piled up since last week and I think I got about an hour of computer time all day. Whatevs, as the kids say.

So, I really didn’t get to do anything fun in the kitchen all week. Aside from a cake that I made the girls that had a, well, gerbil on it. Why this madness? The girls each got a gerbil for their birthday!

It was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and I shredded some white chocolate on top for the “bedding.” I frosted a Twinkie with some coconut pecan frosting and piped on the details. It didn’t quite turn out how I pictured it in my head, and yeah, I know, “oooh gross,” but they loved it and it was delicious.


Party Prep

Party Prep

This evening we will have ten pre-teen girls descend upon our house for approximately 16 hours.

My twins turn 12 next week so this weekend was chosen for the festivities. And being almost-12-year-olds who love loud music, gobs of makeup, stinky nail polish and friends friends FRIENDS, that means a sleepover party is pretty much mandatory.

So this has been my morning. Between bouts of cleaning (though I’m not doing all of it — the girls aren’t getting off that easily) I’ve been making cupcakes.

Rainbow Cupcakes

These food colorings are the best things ever. I saw Giada use them a few months ago and immediately ordered some. They’re pretty amazing.

Rainbow Cupcakes

I kind of miss the little-girl days of pastel pinks and yellows and greens. Everything now has to be bright and intense and edgy (is purple edgy?).

Rainbow Cupcakes

The only drawback to playing with cupcakes is the clean up. I hate cleaning up.

Rainbow Cupcakes

I debated piping on the frosting but let’s be real. These things will be unwrapped and inhaled so quickly I doubt they’ll even be tasted.

Rainbow Cupcakes

I’m not doing anything fancy for dinner. Everyone likes pizza, right? Especially pizza eaten outside, with paper plates and plastic utensils and not a caffeinated beverage in sight.

Will somebody swing by with the hard liquor? Thank you.