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Chocolate Mint Brownies for St. Patrick’s Day

Chocolate Mint Brownies

I’ve slowly started changing over my modest collection of holiday decor from Valentine’s Day stuff to St. Patrick’s Day stuff. If I thought I had very little to pack away for V-Day, I’ve got even less to bring out for St. Patrick’s Day!

But it’s not a big deal. By the middle of the month I’m tired of it anyway and I’ll have Easter and spring stuff out soon enough, so hey, less work for me! That doesn’t mean I get tired of holiday-appropriate baking, though. It definitely takes me longer to get past that and move on to the next season. Read More


Diet Coke Brownies

Diet Coke Brownies

Yesterday, I saw this pin on Pinterest for brownies made with just a box of brownie mix and a can of Diet Coke and I knew I had to give it a shot. Not only do I have a load of brownie mix in my pantry, but I’ve got approximately a year’s supply of Diet Coke in the fridge. I decided I could sacrifice one of each to give this a try. Read More


Fixing Up Brownie Mix: Brownie Mix Cookies

Tonight is dessert night so I thought I’d find another way to mess around with a box of brownie mix. I found this recipe online (it’s in several places and I didn’t bookmark it, or I’d give credit) and while it’s simple enough it was hit or miss (I didn’t care for it but everyone else did). Read More