Brownie Mix Cookies, Take Two

I found another recipe to try for one of my nearly-free boxes of brownie mix. This one was a big hit — even bigger than the last batch (and I liked this one a lot better!).

I found this recipe at Cooks.com and tweaked it just a little bit. The cookie dough was still pretty gooey, so I added more flour which I think really helped. I also realized these were similar to chocolate crinkle cookies, and that you could put the dough in the fridge for an hour, roll the dough into balls and then roll through powdered sugar before baking. Maybe I’ll try that next time.

These were delicious and chewy and would be really good with some chopped walnuts (which I usually add but I’m all out).

Chocolate Brownie Mix Cookies

1 package fudge brownie mix
3/4 c flour
1/4 c vegetable oil
3 Tb water
2 eggs
1 c chocolate and white chocolate chips

Combine all ingredients. Bake until just set at 350 degrees about 9-10 minutes.

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